Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is valid from the 1st of January, 2014.
By using the business portal, you consent to our Privacy Policy set out below:

1. Information

We collect information for our directory only from the open Internet sources. We do not gather information about our portal users. Every visitor, while on, is anonymous.

2. Use of the information

The information provided on the portal is intended only for personal or internal business purposes. The information may not be copied, modified, distributed on other resources, and, especially, sold to the third parties. Spamming is also prohibited.

3. Editing and deleting the information in the company profile

The information about the company can be edited or deleted at request of the client. The user is required to be related to the information requested for editing or deleting.If you consider that the information provided on the portal is incomplete or incorrect, please, contact Customer Support via the contact form or by email

We store all inquiries about editing or deleting the information to prevent abuse by third parties or competitive companies.

4. Security measures

We pay special attention to the safety and security of our portal and do our utmost to prevent unauthorized access to information, its mass copying, modifying and deleting from our catalogs.However, we make no warranty and assume no liability in the event of any failures or problems while using the portal.

5. Links to other resources

Our portal may link you to third-party sites offering references to information portals, directories of enterprises and sponsored links. Third-party sites have their own terms of use, privacy policies, and are independent sources of information. has no relation to the information located on the third-party resources.